Thais Caniceiro // Pilates Studio

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"I have chosen Thais to help me recover from a cancer operation. It has been a persistent work from both of us since my physical condition was extremely weak and I had gained 17 pounds with the treatments. Less than a year after joining her Studio, I've moved to Pilates Intermediate level without stress or backache. During these months I trained sporadically with other teachers with the same level of professionalism. For me, the Pilates classes are like a Toyota, they are here to stay."

Margarida Bon de Sousa


"I started practicing Pilates over 10 years ago under the guidance of Thais Caniceiro. This practice has been very important to me regarding my physical and mental maintenance, especially nowadays when I am over 60 years, namely in terms of muscle and joint agility, as well as overcoming stages of more difficulty or limitation. Specific and targeted guidance is very important in the practice of this activity when given by high-quality specialists as is the case. I recommend it! Thank you so much to these instructors at the Pilates Studio Thais Caniceiro for having such high standards training."

Maria Eugénia Silva


"I decided years ago to practice Pilates, for the reason that I consider it to be the type of exercise that best fits my profile. Also, I found in Thais Caniceiro Pilates Studio, in Club VII, the quality that I desired: well-maintained facilities and well-prepared instructors. The only "negative" aspect is that Thais is very demanding and thinks, that at age 66, I have to prepare to be a marathoner. ”

Esmeralda Dourado


"My experience in practicing Pilates in Club VII Studio is very good! The difference in my posture since I started practicing Pilates is huge because there is an emphasis on working the core! Of course the demand for skilled and experienced Pilate instructors working in this Studio is high and so I was able to improve my posture a lot, have more strength and walk better ;-) In addition, Pilates requires students to be present and thanks to Thais, who is a very attentive teacher, there was no chance of day time dreaming.”

Dina Vales


"I have been practicing Pilates for over ten years and through its practice, I have gained excellent body awareness. I consider it the basis of all sports. Thank you Thaís for your friendliness, competence, and professionalism."

Sofia Luiz Gomes